Above All You Need a Great Roof! FREE ebook

Our New Free eBook: “Above All You Need a Great Roof!”

Above All You Need a Great Roof Free ebook

Above All You Need a Great Roof by Dave Yoho and Jim Cory
(The Difference Between Good Roof and a Great Roof)


Everything within a home, including the interior structure, the decorations, the belongings, the insulation, the light fixtures, televisions, sound systems, HVAC systems, and a plethora of other things can be put at risk by a leaking roof.

You Need:
• A roof that will last the life of your building or to create a timeline of at least 100 years.
• A roof which identifies your home as unique—well crafted—energy efficient—and increases the value of the home.

If you know even a little about metal roofing, would you be surprised at my use of the word economical?

A well designed and properly installed metal roof will outlast asphalt roofs on a scale of about 6-1. Does that imply that it could last six times as long as an asphalt roof? YES, and in fact the six time ratio is considered conservative.

My suggestion is to get to know metal roofing. It’s not the roof that was on your grandfather’s barn, nor is it the only “standing seam” metal roof which you have seen on commercial buildings as well as some better homes. Metal roofing is the NEW classic roof designed to appear like slate—“hand split” shakes or tile. Metal Roofing is the roof of the future and it is HERE NOW.

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