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We Know How Much Your Home Means To You
When it comes to your new metal roofing project, feeling confident about your team isn’t an option, it’s a priority. You need a roofing company who doesn’t just get the job done, but gets the job done right the first time. And that’s where we nail it!

Easy to Follow Metal Roof Project Plan
If there’s one thing that really worries homeowners, it’s encountering technical details that will make their head spin. With True Green Roofing Solutions, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Distinctive, Precise Processes
We understand the importance of paying attention to detail, which is why all of our metal roof projects are meticulously planned, supervised and backed by policies and procedures resulting in the highest quality outcome.

Professional Staff
We never let just anyone work on your home, which is why we constantly insure our install contractors are up to date with the newest techniques in the industry.

Always Room For Improvement
In order to be the best, we make it a point to request feedback from our clients so that we can continue to improve our services.

Receiving a Project Proposal
True Green Roofing Solutions provides much more than just an “estimate”, We will educate you on roofing materials, show you options specifically suited to your home and provide you with fair pricing.  We have many tools to help our clients visualize the process from “before” to “after.”

While every roofing project has its own unique needs and requirements, we’ve successfully designed so many metal roofing systems that you can be confident that you have made the RIGHT CHOICE when you choose True Green Roofing Solutions to install your new metal roof.  With of our selection of quality metal roofing products combined with our outstanding customer support, you will be completely satisfied with your new roof.  Call Us. You will be glad you did!

You Have Options!
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