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We strive to provide innovative tools to speed the process improve the quality and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation.


Swenson Shear Heavy Duty Pivot ShearSwenson Shear Hip Valley Roofing ShearSwenson Shear 1 Arm Bandit
Ideal for Light Gauge
exposed fastener panels, shear to length & Gable Ends
Ideal For Hip/Valley roofing panel cuts.
The #1 Roofing tool on the market. With a 64-inch blade and extended frame, the Hip/Valley Roofing Shear cuts through 24-gauge panel straight at 90* & up to a 9/12* Valley with one single stroke. Custom blades match any profile, providing a clean cut and eliminating the risk of flying metal and burred edges.
Ideal for Stone-Coated
shingle & Shake Style
Steel Panels
Swenson Shear Base & Ridge BenderSwenson Shear Soffit & Siding SherSwenson Shear Snap Table HD
Ideal for Stone-Coated
shingle & Shake Style
Steel Panels
Ideal for light gauge
soffis, metal shingles & siding
All-in-One Panel/Roofing
tool, It notches, slits, &
hems panels

Towable Snap Table

The Towable Snap Table – the ultimate job site machine.

Built with contractor needs in mind, it sports a torsion axle to withstand any rigorous road
or job site condition.

With the capacity to support the Snap Table HD or Snap Table PRO,
the Towable Snap Table, at 19 feet is also equipped with additional room for other jobsite necessities.


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